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SS Fabrication

Products - Fabrication

Bio-Xin has state of the art SS fabrication facility for Pharmaceuticals and Biologics manufacturing company. We manufacture A-Z SS furniture for Pharmaceuticals industries. We blend our Biological knowledge into fabrication for better finishing and quality of SS furniture. Our SS furniture has passed WHO audit at top Vaccine Manufacturing Company in Bangladesh. Due to cheap labor cost we export our products at competitive prices in Asia, Europe and USA. We customize our products according to customer needs. For international inquiries please send us email with drawing at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Product List:

Steel Cupboard

With our versatile experiences in manufacturing and supplying Steel Cupboard. We use highest quality steel to manufacture international standard cupboard according to the customer requirements.

Steel Lockers

We manufacture highest quality with various sizes of steel locker according to the customer’s requirements for Hospital and Pharmaceuticals industries.

Cross Over Bench

Bio-Xin Manufacture wide ranges of cross over bench with customer specifications. Many top pharmaceuticals companies using our cross over bench.

MOP Trolley

We manufacture MOP trolley according to the customer specification and competitive price. 

Material Transport Trolley

Our highly professional teams manufacture wide ranges Material Transport Trolley with high quality finishing and competitive prices.

Plate Form Trolley

We are manufacturing and supplying in many top pharmaceuticals companies highest quality of Plate Form Trolley.

Stainless Steel Ladders

Our high skilled engineering team fabricates wide ranges of SS ladder according to the customer specifications.

SS Tray

We manufacture various types of stainless steel tray for pharmaceuticals and biologics manufacturing company according to the customer design and specifications.

SS Stools

We manufacture highest quality SS stools for pharmaceuticals industries according to the customers design and specifications.            
Waste Bin/Dust Bin
We manufacturing lucrative waste bin according to the customer requirements.

SOP Stand

Our wide ranges of SOP stand using many top pharmaceuticals companies.

Petri Plate Stand

We designed and fabricate internationally standard SS Petri plate stand according to the customer requirements.

SS Chair

We fabricate SS chair according to the customer requirements.

Cage Trolley

We manufacture various types of SS cage trolley according to the customer design and specifications.

SS Bottle Stand

We manufacture various types of SS bottle stand according to the customer specifications for pharmaceuticals industry.

SS Drain Trap/Drain Line Unit

Bio-Xin manufactures SS Drain Trap for Pharmaceuticals and BioPharmaceuticals manufacturing companies. Bio-Xin is the pioneer in Bangladesh in manufacturing SS Drain Trap of highest finishing and quality. We manufacture according to the customer’s requirements.

Product List

Change Room Accessories

SS Locker for Worker SS Cross Over Bench SS Shoe Rack
Racks SS Wash Basin SS Linen Rack
SS Foot Operated Dustbin SS Dustbin std SS Mirror
SS Apron Hanging Cabinet SS Apron Hanging Stand SS Hand Gloves Stand / Trolley
SS Locker With U V Light SS Garment Cabinet SS Tray
First Aid Box

Tablet / Powder Division

I P C (Intermediate Products Container) SS Powder Sampler SS Powder Storage Container / Banker / Drum
SS 316 Scoop SS 316 Spantula SS 316 Spoon      
SS 316 Scrapper
SS Cage Trolley / Shipper Trolley SS Tool Box
SS Tray For Tray Dryer
SS Stool (Fix & Revolving) SS Chair (Fix & Revolving)
SS Working Table SS Sink With Table SS Dustbin Paddle Type
SS Step Table
SS Platform With Ladder SS Drain Trap
SS Instruments Storage Cupboard
SS Trolley for Carrying Oven Tray21. SS Platform Trolly SS 2 Tier / 3 Tier Trolley for multipurpose
SS Pallets SS Wire Dustbin SS Shives for Shifter & Wire Messh
SS Die Punch Cabinet
Ladder SS Preparation Tank
SS Presses Tank SOP Stand Key Box
Weight Trolley

Sterile Injectable Division

SS Storage tank SS Tool Box SS Pallets
SS Stools (Fix & Revolving) SS Chair (Fix & Revolving) SS Working Tables
SS Table with Drawer & Locker SS Table with Sink & Drain SS Dustbin (Paddle Operated)
SS Multi Purpose Trolley Bucket

Liquid / Oral Division

SS Cylindrical Tank SS Liquid Storage Drum SS Storage Tank upto 2000Ltrs
SS Tool Box SS Spatula SS 316 Spoon
SS 316 Scraper SS Liquid Sampler SS Stools (Fix & Revolving Type)
SS Chair (Fix & Revolving Type) SS Dustbin (Paddle Operated) SS Storage Container

Quality Control Division

SS Mug & Jugs
SS316 Spoon SS 316 Powder Sampler
SS Funnel Table With Drawer SS Stool (Fix & Revolving Type)
SS Chair (Fix & Revolving Type) SS Table Plain SS Table With Shink
SS Dustbin (Paddle Operated)

Packaging Division

SS Pallets
SS Stool (Fix Revolving Type) SS Stool Box
SS Tables SS Table with Drawer SS Multi Purpose Trolley
SS Platform Trolley SS Container Trolley SS Packing Chair
SS Dustbin (Paddle Operated)

Canteen Equipment

SS Canteen Tables with Stools

SS Sink Unit SS Work Table
SS Stools (Fix & Revolving Type) SS Chair (Fix & Revolving Type) Kitchen Utility Trolley
Food Trolley Dish Rack / Pot Rack Kitchen Racks
Shelving Units Pastry Trolley Waste Bin
Serving Mobile Table Storage Bin

General Machinery & Equipments

Storewell Cupboard with Shelves Lockers 12, 16, & 20 Ampoule & Vial Boxes
Pendant Pecking Chair SS Hammer / Teflon Hammer
Sifter Sieves & Multi Mill Screens Storage Trolley & Cabinet Try Drayer Trolley
First Aid Box Weight Box Trolley Helmet Stand
Key Board Used Linen Trolley (Round) Grating
Computer Cabinet Office Table Pass Box
Animal Cage Animal Cage Trolley Octagonal Blender Machine
Double Cone Blender Machine Vibro Sifter Machine


Bio-Xin Invites You to the 3rd Pharma Bangladesh 2012 International Expo

Dear Sir / Madam,

New technologies are emerging every day. New technologies are replacing older applications for better productivity, accuracy and efficiency. We have a promise to introduce breakthrough technologies in the pharma sector of Bangladesh. In this twenty first century breakthrough technology does not mean overwhelming cost. Our expert, educated selection from the leading manufacturers all over the world ensures the most reasonable costing. We are delighted to invite you in our stall in the 3rd Pharma Bangladesh 2012 International Expo holding on 3-5 May, 2012. Your presence in our stall will give you an overall idea how new technologies can be adopted in place of traditional practices. How we are serving Bangladesh for the betterment of pharmaceutical production and quality. We are looking forward for your kind presence in our stall.



Event: 3rd Pharma Bangladesh 2012 International Expo
Venue: Bangabandhu Int. Conference Centre - Dhaka.
Time: 3rd - 5th May, 2012. Open: 10.00 am to 7.00 pm
Web: www.pharmabangladesh.com

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