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Industrial Equipment


Products - Industrial equipements

IKA agitators are ideal for acceleration of solution processes and syntheses, temperature exchanges within a medium as well as the mixing of easily mixable liquids and solids. The agitator's primary application is the processing of flowable mixtures in a low to medium viscosity range. Agitators can be optionally equipped with a fast propeller, an axial turbine, a stirring disk, a toothed disk, an IBC cup stirrer, or a slow and powerful anchor stirrer.


Batch Dispenser

Products - Industrial equipements

IKA batch dispersers are used for applications where conventional stirring is not enough, such as the production of emulsions and suspensions. What a stirrer can't stir in several hours, a batch disperser is able to disperse within only a few minutes. The effectiveness of IKA dispersers is based on the rotor-stator principle. The rotor's high circumferential speeds provide for the necessary shear force required for the reduction of liquid droplets or solid particles.


High pressure homogenizer

Products - Industrial equipements

For many applications in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biotechnology, and environmental industries, it is necessary to reach particle sizes in a nano range. High pressure homogenizers can accomplish this task.


Inline Dispenser

Products - Industrial equipements

IKA represents the development of continuous mixing processes. Advantages of IKA inline machines include improved product quality and better stability in fewer passes, at a lower cost to you.


Kneading Machines

Products - Industrial equipements

IKA PLANETRON® heavy-duty kneading machines are vertical kneading machines with two DUPLEX-like kneading blades. PLANETRON® kneading machines are always useful when high-viscous masses have to be kneaded intensively and with absolutely no chance of contamination. IKA PLANETRON® kneading machines produce, for example, dental masses, ceramic masses, plastic mixtures, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products as well as food products.


Pharmaceutical Machineries for Solid Dosages

Products - Industrial equipements

Bio-Xin Provide high quality pharmaceuticals machineries for solid dosages according to the customer’s requirement.


Pilot Plants

Products - Industrial equipements

IKA Pilots connect your lab with the large-scale production. IKA ensures a seamless transition from product development to mass production by offering an equipment series where the same machine can handle both small and large capacities.


Process Equipments

Products - Industrial equipements

Bio-Xin provides process equipments from world reputed IKA. The Process Technology division of IKA offers turnkey solutions and state-of-the-art manufacturing options. IKA‘s solutions include: dispersing machines, homogenizers, stirrers, jet flow agitators, kneading machines, vacuum dryers as well as ready-for-use process plants, all being manufactured in IKA‘s outstanding high product quality.


Process Plants

Products - Industrial equipements

IKA specializes in systems for continuous or discontinuous powder incorporation into liquids, mixing and dispersing plants for the production of emulsions and suspensions (Standard Production Plant and Master Plant), as well as dilution plants.


Special Projects And Production Systems

Products - Industrial equipements

When customer demands cannot be fulfilled with our standard product offerings, we move  the request into our projects department. This department consists of project managers, mechanical-, electronic- and software engineers as well as bioprocess engineers. They are specialized in building custom solutions for our customers. Projects can range from very special mini bioreactors to a complete line of cGMP production systems ranging up to several thousand liters volume tanks.



Products - Industrial equipements

IKA stands are a practical accessory for use with IKA agitators, ULTRA-TURRAX® UTC or UTS dispersing machines. Mobile stands as well as floor or wall mounted stands are available. Adjustable fastening devices are offered to affix your mixing vessel to the stand.


Steam-In-Place Bioreactor Systems

Products - Industrial equipements

The concept of modularity (using standard modules to customize the lay out of the bioreactor) has been extended to the stainless steel pilot plant bioreactors and fermentors. The vessels are cGMP and comply with different pressure codes throughout the world. The systems are fully documented and delivered with all necessary documentation to support easy validation.
The Pilot Systems are divided in two types ranging in sizes of 20 to 140 liter


Vacuum dryer / mixer

Products - Industrial equipements

The new IKA Conical Mixer serves for mixing of free flowing solids, whereas the Conical Dryer has been designed for vacuum contact drying of different solvent humid solids. Both can be used to process products with different bulk densities and particle sizes. The Conical Mixer drying vessel guarantees a complete product discharge and can easily be thoroughly cleaned. The vessel of the basic version mixer is single walled.


Water Purification System

Products - Industrial equipements

According to the customer requirement Bio-Xin provides Water Purification System for Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals manufacturing industries.



Bio-Xin Invites You to the 3rd Pharma Bangladesh 2012 International Expo

Dear Sir / Madam,

New technologies are emerging every day. New technologies are replacing older applications for better productivity, accuracy and efficiency. We have a promise to introduce breakthrough technologies in the pharma sector of Bangladesh. In this twenty first century breakthrough technology does not mean overwhelming cost. Our expert, educated selection from the leading manufacturers all over the world ensures the most reasonable costing. We are delighted to invite you in our stall in the 3rd Pharma Bangladesh 2012 International Expo holding on 3-5 May, 2012. Your presence in our stall will give you an overall idea how new technologies can be adopted in place of traditional practices. How we are serving Bangladesh for the betterment of pharmaceutical production and quality. We are looking forward for your kind presence in our stall.



Event: 3rd Pharma Bangladesh 2012 International Expo
Venue: Bangabandhu Int. Conference Centre - Dhaka.
Time: 3rd - 5th May, 2012. Open: 10.00 am to 7.00 pm
Web: www.pharmabangladesh.com

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