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Laboratory Equipement


Products - Lab equipements

For growing need of cell disruption, nano particle production, liposome, emulsion and dispersion for Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals and Biotechnological products we provide technologically advance High Pressure Homogenizer (HPH) from R&D scale to production scale.


Laboratory Bioreactor Systems

Products - Lab equipements

In the laboratory bioreactor and fermentor range Applikon is worldwide market leader because of its dependable and easy to use systems. The bioreactors and fermentors excel in quality and modularity. An Applikon laboratory system is easy to upgrade if a change in research activities occurs.


Liposome Characterization Equipments

Products - Lab equipements

These days Liposome has been widely using as drug carriers for improving the delivery of therapeutic agents to specific sites in the body. Currently many pharmaceuticals preparation are using liposome based drug delivery system. Bio-Xin provides cost effective solution for liposome and emulsion characterization.



Products - Lab equipements

An integrated, easy-to-use, and cost-effective technology platform for the rapid handling and growth of large numbers of microbial strains, clonal libraries, mutant banks, and cell lines in 24 or 96-well microtiter plates.



Products - Lab equipements

Bio-Xin provides best microscopic solution for biological research, Quality control laboratory and Industrial application. We represent world famous brand of Microscope from Nikon. As a world leader in imaging technology since 1917, Nikon Instruments manufactures complete optical and digital microscope systems with outstanding versatility, performance and productivity for any application. Please see our brief product list. For details specification please contact with Bio-Xin.


Mini Bioreactors: Real Small, Real bioreactors

Products - Lab equipements

The MiniBio range of bioreactors (250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml total volume) is a true scale down of the laboratory scale bioreactors in the 1 to 15 liter range. The MiniBio systems have the same flexibility as the laboratory scale bioreactors. This means that the MiniBio systems can be customized to fit the demands of any process.


Single Use Bioreactors

Products - Lab equipements

Single-Use bioreactors are increasingly favored for the economic advantages they offer. Many mammalian cell based biotech producers are moving to disposable modules, pre-sterilized and qualified according to regulatory requirements. Benefits of single-use bioreactors include faster facility set-up, reduction of down time, simplified validation, and more efficient use of plant floor space.


Temperature Control Solution

Products - Lab equipements


Bio-Xin provides precise temperature control solution for science, research and industry. We represent JULABO who sets benchmark worldwide in precise temperature control. Since 1967, JULABO has successfully pushed the development in the field of liquid temperature application and set standards by introducing many product novelties.



Bio-Xin Invites You to the 3rd Pharma Bangladesh 2012 International Expo

Dear Sir / Madam,

New technologies are emerging every day. New technologies are replacing older applications for better productivity, accuracy and efficiency. We have a promise to introduce breakthrough technologies in the pharma sector of Bangladesh. In this twenty first century breakthrough technology does not mean overwhelming cost. Our expert, educated selection from the leading manufacturers all over the world ensures the most reasonable costing. We are delighted to invite you in our stall in the 3rd Pharma Bangladesh 2012 International Expo holding on 3-5 May, 2012. Your presence in our stall will give you an overall idea how new technologies can be adopted in place of traditional practices. How we are serving Bangladesh for the betterment of pharmaceutical production and quality. We are looking forward for your kind presence in our stall.



Event: 3rd Pharma Bangladesh 2012 International Expo
Venue: Bangabandhu Int. Conference Centre - Dhaka.
Time: 3rd - 5th May, 2012. Open: 10.00 am to 7.00 pm
Web: www.pharmabangladesh.com

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