Bio-Xin is the pioneering company in Bangladesh who introduced probiotic concept in the pharmaceuticals sector of Bangladesh. Our aim is to provide cost effective technology adoption for Pharmaceuticals sectors of Bangladesh for probiotic and prebiotic products. With the unique combinations of scientific & technical knowhow, technical and scientific resources we provide consultancy for the beginner in the following areas:

  • Turnkey Project
  • Facility design for probiotic pharmaceuticals products
  • Ready to fill probiotic production
  • Bulk probiotic to finished probiotic production by fermentation technology
  • R&D and formulation
  • Raw material for probiotic
  • QC protocol development
  • Probiotic Strain for R&D
    Production and QC equipments for probiotic finished products manufacturing

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Other consultancy areas:

We provide consultancy and turnkey solution for pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals sector collaboration with international consultant.  We provide turnkey solution in the following areas:

  • Pharmaceuticals Fat emulsion
  • Human Vaccine Manufacturing
  • Veterinary Medicine & Vaccine
  • Hormone products
  • Oncology products